27 January 2011


I'm a total jerk to one of my best friends, Tucker. I'm surprised he's still my friend. Maybe it's just because I owe him 70 bucks still, and he'll de-friend me once I pay him.

See? I'm a jerk. But he takes it. He takes it all. Even when I call him Tuckles. Tucker's the best.


Steverino said...

This totally made my day.

Vin Black said...

lol XD love it

Lily said...

Hehehehe. I love it.

Am I weird because I'm a CRAZYASS SOCIAL BUTTERFLY and I hug almost everybody? Omg, do you know how many times I've hugged my guyfriend at my school? Oh, and my nerdiness, I got over it when I was ten. TEN. :D wheeee! To the Comic Book Mobile so I can go to the Comic-Con Dressing-Room and get ready for COMIC CON!!! :D it's in five months. Super pumped. I dress up every year. You know, Warm Bodies comes out on February first. *JB screech* OMFG, NICHOLAS HOULT AND ZOMBIES AND ROMANCE?! Holy Crap-Cows, I may just marry that movie. My favorite movie right now is Amazing Spiderman. I mean, it's the most perfect movie ever.

... That subject changed really fast... :/


P.S. I am no longer Anonymous. I just now realized that I can put my name in. I'm a Dipstick.. And proud! :D... It's a reference! :)... To Xmen first class...? :/ ah, never mind.