04 January 2011

Sometimes Dogs Are Icky.

This is another post about my dog and poop. A couple days ago my puppy consumed cat feces that he found on our front lawn. This is a day after he ate the snow he had just peed in. Gross.

Last night my parents gave me a ride home from my friends house. Usually my parents have the dog with them in the car. When I got in,  my dog was SO HAPPY to see me.

He was jumping all over and licking me and just being all around happy. I was happy to see him too. He's adorable. Usually.

My Dad noticed he was licking my face.

"Be careful, you don't know where that mouth has been."
"Yeah, I know. But he ate cat poo yesterday."
".....Wait, did he eat it again?"

Yes, he had eaten cat poo AGAIN. And he was licking my face. 



So I just realized I forgot a part of this story. Late last night, Finn threw all the aforementioned cat poop up all over my parents bed.


Sarah said...

I read that dogs eat cat poo because its more nutritious than their own food or something. Why do I remember that? I have no idea.

Camilla said...

So the "Guh!" part was my favorite. Your dog is retardedly adorable.

Josie Juárez said...

I love this.

PS- I read that a dog's mouth is cleaner than most humans. I kinda wonder if that's because most humans aren't good at keeping their mouth clean.