22 May 2012

How to Get a Hipster

Recently I was contacted by Hipstr. -  a publication from Nottingham, England. They wondered if I would be interested in doing a few illustrations for their article called "How to Get a Hipster." I got really excited, even though I told myself I wouldn't do another Hipster installment. Turns out I never wanted to write another one, but drawing another one was just awesome. So, here it is! A (much shorter than before) new Hipster installment for you!

How to Get a Hipster

  • Be where the hipsters roam. Find a quiet space in a cafe, order a mocha latte and surf your Mac/ipad for hours on end. Think independent art galleries, movie houses and gigs. Do not forget your glasses – this is a vital accessory that WILL get you noticed.

  • If you see a bearded beauty that takes your fancy don’t forget to openly display your love on anything indie, independent art, culturally-exposing literature, philosophy and superior cultural awareness. An intelligent sounding book in hand is always helpful.

  • Wear the right uniform. Where possible, avoid buying anything labelled, especially from the stores run by the label itself (so not niche consumerism). Instead, look for independent retailers because supporting obscure and little known retailers is #totesindie. If in doubt always opt for the classic ‘skinny jean’ – the tighter the better. Alternatively, high waisted pants, leggings/ jeggings are acceptable.

  • Don’t stress about how your hair looks, for once the messy look is so totally right. Rock the ‘just rolled out of bed look’ for instant attraction.

  • Make sure to give off the vibe that you’re too cool and elite for a lot of things.

  • Show an interest in eco, natural disasters and charities. A line that might come in handy; “I donated to Haiti…. before the disaster”.

  • Hone your humour. A hipster is generally known for their sense of irony and sarcasm so if you want to give the impression that you’re so totally made for each other take this on board.

  • Grow your own food and learn to cook. Hipsters are massive ‘foodies’ and love making gourmet meals to make sure you collect a few good cookbooks. Try to cut out meat if possible – most of these hipster types are either veggies or vegans.

16 May 2012


So, this post isn't a normal post, it's more of an update on my life and an explanation as to why it'll be a little bit before there's another post.  Since I don't have time to draw any pictures, I'm going Tumblr style and expressing myself through GIFS. Because I'm so busy my head could explode.

Somehow this GIF describes how I'm feeling.

Okay, so remember this post? http://www.verbal-vomit.com/2011/11/story-of-sean.html. Well, it's all happening. Tomorrow. Getting married... tomorrow (what the what?!)

Then on Saturday, we are moving to New York City for the summer for my internship. And I am...really...excited.

I won't be around for a couple of weeks while we, you know...get married, and then settle into NYC and my internship. But then I'll be free to work on the 10 posts I've started. Seriously, I've literally started 10 posts. They range from hamsters, to vomit, to bloodbaths, to spiders, to druids and there are even some zombies in there somewhere.

Also, there's always a bunch of old posts from 2010 and 11 if you want to read those. If you've already read them, then I also post crap on my tumblr, too.  I also have an Instagram that I'll probably be posting pictures on. My username is hannahhillam.

Thanks for all your patience with my lack of posting and for supporting this blog. I can't tell you how much it means to me that I have so many wonderful and kind people who read and enjoy what I do.

I'm Gandalf and you guys are the hobbit. And I'm giving you a strange hug.

Have a lovely few weeks and I'll see you soon!