24 December 2011

Home For the Holidays

Okay, so this post should actually be called something along the lines of "Still Home and It Just Happens to be The Holidays" since I live in my parent's basement. Yeah, I know. But the title just flowed nicely so I kept it.

Winter break was always such an exciting thing for me. From getting out of school, to snow, to Christmas. But, as we all know, the older you get, the less magical this season is.

My feelings have changed drastically for the snow. I'd pretty much pee my snowsuit when I was little if I got to go play outside, where I'd usually I'd just end up eating the snow. I had this thing for devouring snow. Sometimes I still do. Just kidding. Why would I do that...

Now the snow is nothing more than a big white blanket of misery.

Another thing about winter break that is no longer as awesome as it once was, is the day when school finally lets out.

As a 9 year old, this was the best day of the year, because it meant that I no longer had to wake up at the crack of dawn for school. Instead I woke up at the crack of dawn to play in the snow.

As a college student, the day that school lets out is just the first day of a two-week-long nap to prepare for the next semester.

The nap usually covers Christmas day, as well. When I was younger, I was lucky to catch even a little sleep the night before Christmas. Waiting until I was able to wake my parents up on Christmas morning were some of the most intense hours of my entire childhood.

Now that me and my siblings are older, it's definitely not as exciting.

Okay, so I don't sound like too much of a scrooge, here are some things that actually do put me in the Christmas spirit.

THIS SONG: Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing The Little Drummer Boy.

Also, people doing kind and charitable things. Appreciating what I have. Spending time with family. 2000 miles by the Pretenders. Um...Fairytale of New York, by the Pogues.

Okay, so three of those are songs, the latter of which is just two people insulting each other.

But seriously, have a really great holiday season, everyone.


Morgan said...

Always love your blog posts and illustrations.

I can't tell you how much i resonate with the shift in perspective you're describing here.

Chelsea said...

Be warned: It gets even worse once you graduate college. Then you don't even get a two week break to look forward to! Just a few days off work. This is my first Christmas out of school and it's definitely not nearly as magical... :(

But I love your blog! It's quite inspiring!

marla said...

ahhh! i have a super big blog crush on you! i love your stuff. it would be darling on tshirts.

totally hear you about christmas --and i agree with Chelsea - totally worse after you get a real job and have to use your vacation days -- so not cool.

Annika said...

Poppycock. There's BEEN no snow in utah this year. The skiing is terrible. Bah humbug to that!

kwistin said...

that's BING CROSBY AND DAVID BOWIE?! ...how do they even KNOW each other??

i've heard that version so many times but i never knew why i liked it so much until now.

heh. there's that sun again.

Michelle said...

Non-sense to all of that. Marry the right man and Christmas will feel all awesome just like when you were a kid. We buy toys. Seriously. Video games, Legos, Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks. I also got my chinchilla, some real Convers (red), and full season collections of Batman and Superman cartoons. Christmas is fun when you make it so.

lindsay said...

!!! I found that bing crosby/david bowie song this morning then this evening it was on your blog...small world. I dig your drawings/post/humour. please keep being wonderful.

Anonymous said...

* My siblings and I

Anonymous said...

So true to the whole waking up thing. Getting up on christmas day this year was an absolute CHORE. I just want to sleep. What is so wrong with that?

Sheri said...

I love the drawing of Annie and Stu trying to wake you up. Oh, and Finn.

Hayley Benton said...

I know its already been said but...thats been David Bowie's voice?!?! All these years?! What the fuck. What a truely strange combination.

Aaron said...

I found another Pogues fan. Please marry me.

Anonymous said...

I love you

Krystlelynholder said...

I need more.