01 February 2011

Bag of Cake


"Sean, thanks a lot for getting me into Fruit Ninja..."

                           "You like it? I'm surprised, I didn't think it was your... your..."

"Cup of tea?"

                           "No, bag of cake. I was actually going to say bag of cake."

I'm going to say that from now on.
"Do you like Death Cab for Cutie?"
"Eh, they aren't really my bag of cake."


Josie Juárez said...

Sean and his bags of cake....

It almost looks like he has a small child in there to manage the cake.

I kinda wanna be in a bag of cake with Death Cab for Cutie... Mmmm...

I think that also, I don't know if commenting on your blog and stuff is such a good idea when I'm this tired.

Oh well.

PS, I like your art. Just... so you can have that in writing.

Hannah Hillam said...

You know, I'm sure there is a small child managing the cake in the bag.

I think you should ALWAYS comment when you're tired.

erika danielle eddington said...

Hahahaha! GET MARRIED!!