20 July 2013

Sweatshirt and Battleship

So remember my last post about how I've just loved cats my entire life and how I've wanted to get one for a while?

Well... in May we finally got our first cat as an anniversary present to ourselves! She is fluffy and her name is Sweatshirt. Here she is sitting in my bag.

We got on a local classifieds site and found a family who had a bunch of kittens they were giving away. We contacted them in our blind excitement and drove to their house. Turns out these cat-dealers were really weird. They had SO MANY CATSLIKE 15. (Which is why they were also coated in cat hair.)

We told them we were there for a kitten.  They brought her out, and I almost died of a cute-overload. I really felt like taking all the kittens away from these people, but...you know, that would have been CRAZY. 

We took her home and got her all set up. Soon we realized that she was really lethargic and sick, and kept having diarrhea. It was really sad and a little bit pathetic. When it didn't stop, we took her to the vet and it turned out she had worms. Which probably meant that all the other cats those people probably also had worms. Those people probably had worms.

Once we got the worm sitch all settled she finally started acting all playful like a normal kitten. We were SO HAPPY. 

And because the relationship Sean and I have revolves completely around enabling each other, we ended up getting another kitten.  

This is him. He's a Russian Blue, and his name is Battleship.  


Since then, we've just had a blast basking in their cuteness. The only problem has been feeling like a fool whenever I have to yell their names when I'm trying to call them back to the house.

And that, well...that just makes me look absolutely insane. 

Moral of the story: Cats.  


weaselby said...

Hahaha, I love it :D And they are adorable! I'm not even really a cat person (heresy!) and I think they're beyond cute.
Since this is my first comment, I have to make sure to thank you for the site. It's been incredibly entertaining to me for a while. It makes me happy :) And happy anniversary!

The Painted Lady said...

I had a good chuckle at you yelling 'sweatshirt' out the door. I...I want your cats. I've ALWAYS wanted a russian blue.

Little Don said...


That's so freaking fitting! He looks like a 'Battleship'!

Julie said...

I was worried that your future as a cat lady might be nipped in the bud... I should not have been concerned. As for cat naming, anytime you call a cat you're going to look pretty dim, so it doesn't matter what you name them, they ain't coming in until they is good and ready. Our newlywed cat was named Varmint. My neigbors were confused, and one day the little old lady who lived next door asked for clarification. I told her the cat's name, and she said "OH! I couldn't understand why you were out there yelling 'VOMIT' all the time."

Jenna Foote said...

Russian Blue? My great-aunt had a few of those. One was Blue Boy and the other was Teddy. They are in cat heaven now but they were so awesome.

musingsfromthecorner said...

OMG tabby cats. Squeeeeeee

Aoxas Chickenz said...

I have two kittens we just got as well. Suitcase and Lunchbox.

At least we are creative right? No fluffy or bootsie here.

Your kittens are adorable :D Love their names!

neoma rae said...

Hannah, your cats are seriously the cutest. My heart melts looking at them. If I had included all of my spelling errors in this comment your name would have been Jannah, and my heart would be mealting. But seriously, they are adorable. Loves

Anonymous said...

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M. x said...

I love love love the names of your cats! My friend has a cat called Luna who just had a kitten that he named Solar. :) But yours...Sweatshirt and Battleship! Genious...
But I wouldn't be surprised if people looked at you a bit oddly when you called their names. Lucky they're not dogs. You'd be saying their names all the time.
I always nickname my pets with shorter versions of the name...as many do.
So I'd end up with Sweaty and Batty...
M. x

Jennifer said...

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Merete Sorum said...

Just found your blog and is reading through all of it! So much greatness. I'm presonally really scared of cats, but they sure are cute to look at.
Merete @ topknotted.blogspot.com

KTonTour said...

I can't.... your cats are absolutely adorable! And your little cartoons just made my day haha I love it!

Makayla Charleston said...

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Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for AGES & I love the illustrations! Just sayin', at least you didn't name one of your cats Marco and another Polo.